We are official distributor for SWAMP OPTICS for the European Area.

The best and easiest device to measure ultrashort laser pulses.

for realy detailed information just visit the main site of Swamp optics


Swamp Optics features the powerful new class of Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating (FROG) techniques. Our FROG and GRENOUILLE (pronounced gra-’new-ee) devices quickly and accurately measure the complete pulse intensity and phase vs. time and frequency, not just the autocorrelation. And, unlike autocorrelation, they make no assumptions about the pulse shape.


We could help you to setup your laser lab, basic equipments we could offer, as well as starting kits.

From pulse measuremt devices like the Grenouille to Liquid Crystal shapers we can offer.

We are the only one on the market where you can order your pedestals in every height that fullfill your beamheight. Samples are free of charge check product page

…. consultancy services to analyse, develop and implement your strategy in planning, designing and installing your laser laboratory or laser system.

Due to our long experiences in Laser Science we could offer you the best what is available on the market.

Laser and Laserscience is our mission


We have 10 years experience in LabView development.

We can develop programs, as also convert you programs to newer and better versions. Measurement systems we could develop.

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