Wir verfügen über langjährige Erfahrung in der Programmierung mit LabVIEW

  • Erstellen von Programmen
  • Einbindung von Geräten und deren Programmierung
  • Überarbeitung von Programmcode
  • Dokumentation von Programmcode


We have many years of experience in LabView programming:

  • Developing LabView routines
  • Device embedding and encoding
  • Routine updating and revising
  • Documentation

Labview is a programming language developed by National Instruments in order to create a simple user interface for controlling devices and for data acquisition.

We will develop a Labview routine specific to your application, for example in order to collect the data necessary for your automated measurement, or to control a certain device present in your laboratory or your industrial application.

And we don’t stop here! The routine we program and you will with work every day will be relatively ease to use!


We have developed several LabVIEW routines for genetic algorithms used in optimization procedures. These algorithms are inspired from the nature’s concept of genetics and adaption to a new environment. Their advantage is that they converge under the given experimental conditions, they deal with experimental noise and maybe the most important is their global seek strategy. In this way, in a fairly large searching space, these algorithms are able to find the most significant solution.


In Labview there is no writing code. Depending on your instrumentation, we will wire different functions together and design a topology of the data flow language,  very similar to connecting real instruments.

We can test the routine on site and then offer you updates once new Labview versions or new driver updates of your hardware are on the market. LabVIEW is widely recognized as being compatible with many third party hardware manufacturers, so there is a huge amount of drivers out there for almost any instrument control and data acquisition possible!

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